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Who We Are

bioWALL, a Sabre Company, exists to protect you, your assets and your community. As a global authority on mitigating biological and chemical threats, the bioWALL team has a proven record of effectively decontaminating the toughest threats the world has faced in recent history - from the 2001 Anthrax attacks to the 2015 HPAI outbreak.

Our unique patented technology solutions enable you to quickly and cost effectively address a full range of biological and chemical threats. The bioWALL team has demonstrated an exemplary efficacy and safety record spanning over 30 years. We hold the only commercial U.S. EPA-registration for a non-carcinogenic sterilant that delivers broad-spectrum decontamination solutions to biological and chemical contaminants on porous and non-porous surfaces, structures and contents.

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Equipment Wash

Superior microbial kill in reduced time

Food Plant, Industrial Industry
Easily integrated into existing wash systems
Virucidal efficacy against all viruses including COVID-19
Effective on porous/soiled surfaces (tires)
Odor mitigation
Less corrosive than alternatives
Not limited by water source
pH neutral composition is less corrosive than alternatives



Water Treatment

Does not participate in the formation of THMs, a group one carcinogen, unlike chlorine and ozone

Industrial Water Treatment
Food processing flume water
Cooling tower water
Municipal wastewater
Municipal water
Human drinking water

Agriculture Water Disinfection
Poultry, Beef & Pork drinking water
Egg Layer drinking water
Poultry hatcheries water



Liquid Sanitizer

Used for mission critical and on-going operating facilities

Food Plant Sanitation
Mid-shift rinses (in lieu of plain water)
Food contact surface disinfection
Meat & poultry carcass rinse
Equipment/product conveyor rinse

Food Plant & Ag Biosecurity
Captive footwear bath stations
Foot traffic/doorway foaming stations
Hand tool COP dip tanks/stations
General odor control

Mobility & Versatility


A mobile fleet of patented DiKlor®
chlorine dioxide GEN8 generation systems.

The most advanced, versatile integrated mobile chlorine dioxide systems available.


The Science of Protection

bioWALL provides successful remediation and prevention solutions to address our customers' needs using unique proprietary technology, including patented DiKlor® chlorine dioxide (ClO2) compositions, generation systems, and treatment processes.

We hold the only U.S. EPA-registration for a non-carcinogenic sterilant that provides broad-spectrum decontamination with the capability to address the toughest biological contaminants on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Chlorine Dioxide

ClO2 is a powerful water-soluble gas that destroys harmful and
potentially deadly biological and chemical contaminants.

DiKlor® Sterilant Technology

  • Rapidly treat large scale, highly-contaminated structures and bodies of water
  • Treat pathogens including bacteria and viruses without facilitating resistance
  • Degrade naturally without carcinogenic or toxic byproducts
  • Kills bacteria, viruses and other biological contaminants to a “no growth” standard – the most stringent and absolute standard
  • Quickly and safely decontaminates large facilities or large volumes of water
  • Leaves NO carcinogenic or toxic byproducts
  • Eliminates dangerous sulfides in deteriorated waste
  • Destroys odors
  • Keeps physical property intact

Why Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a safe and effective broad-spectrum biocide employed across multiple industries for decades. As a selective oxidant, ClO2 is a broad spectrum sterilant, highly effective in remediating a vast array of biological and chemical contaminants. It is capable of purifying drinking water, destroying mold and mold spores, and sterilizing large spaces—including large scale barns, food processing plants, commercial kitchens, and livestock transportation.

Chlorine dioxide’s uses range from the treatment of water and wastewater to sterilization of laboratory and healthcare facilities to the remediation of acute viral or bacterial infection such as HPAI (highly pathogenic avian influenza), Anthrax and Ebola.

Conventional biocides are regulated and prohibited for use in addressing contaminated drinking water supplies and aquifers because of their inherent toxicity. Only chlorine dioxide, ozone, ultraviolet light, chloramine and chlorine are allowed for use in the potable water supply. Of these, ClO2 has marked environmental and human health advantages over alternative methods of disinfection because it does not form dangerous, potentially carcinogenic brominated or chlorinated by-products during the disinfection process.

What is Chlorine Dioxide, ClO2?

A 20-Year History of Accomplishment

Hart Senate Office Building

Following the 2001 Anthrax attacks, bioWALL provided 100% cleanup of all impacted locations.


The federal government and private parties recruited bioWALL to remediate all of the structures affected by the 2001 anthrax attacks. The structures ranged in size and complexity, up to the 17-million ft3 Brentwood postal facility. Many of the structures were highly contaminated and all required complete kill on all surfaces within, including carpeting, drywall, air ducts, electronics, furniture, and full file archives. Post-treatment, thousands of wet samples, dry samples and spore strips were tested – the most comprehensive testing on this scale ever administered – and not a single active spore remained after bioWALL’s treatment. bioWALL played a leading role in developing this testing program, which is now the gold standard for efficacy validation and clearance of large structures

Fox News Interviews John Mason, CTO BioWALL

John Mason, bioWALL Chief Technology Officer, interviewed on Fox News on March 23, 2020. John shared his expertise and experience, offering insight after being selected as the government’s choice in the decontamination effort for sensitive events such as the 2001 Anthrax attacks and 2015 HPAI outbreak.


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