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Comprehensive solutions to meet biological and chemical threats head on

When a crisis hits, bioWALL is the first call of governments, agencies and many of the world's largest corporations.

bioWALL, a Sabre Company, exists to protect you, your assets and your community. As a global authority on mitigating biological and chemical threats, the bioWALL team has a proven record of in effectively decontaminating the toughest threats the world has faced in recent history - from the 2001 Anthrax attacks to the 2015 HPAI outbreak.

From preparation and prevention to remediation, bioWALL's unique patented technology solutions enable you to quickly and cost effectively address a full range of biological and chemical threats. The bioWALL team has demonstrated an exemplary efficacy and safety record spanning over 20 years. bioWALL holds the only commercial U.S. EPA-registration for a non-carcinogenic sterilant that delivers broad-spectrum decontamination solutions to biological and chemical contaminants on porous and non-porous surfaces, structures and contents.



Gain deep understanding of the likely (and potentially catastrophic) risks and threats your business faces, and develop a proactive strategy.


Understanding risks is the first step to reducing them. bioWALL possesses the aptitude to help you understand your risks, establish sound protocols and design your facilities to prepare for threats. For over 20 years, the bioWALL team has effectively remediated biological and chemical contaminants spanning agriculture, food processing facilities, hospitals, offices, and military installations. In times of crisis, your staff needs to be ready to respond to ensure the safety of your organization. bioWALL is uniquely qualified to help you “secure the perimeter” and detect potential threats before they take hold. Training and security programs are a core competency of our solution, giving you the knowledge and confidence to stay ahead of threats.


Develop protocols to detect a broad array of potential threats, quickly contain situations, protect assets and minimize the effect and cost. 


The best defense is often a good offense. Whether you need large scale, on-site preparedness stations or help nearby and on-call, the bioWALL team has earned a reputation for successfully facilitating project-specific applications. Each program is designed to provide the best treatment options specific to each operation and site.


Utilize proven, effective and environmentally safe chemistries, technologies and methods to treat a wide range of contamination events.


bioWALL delivers unparalleled mobility and versatility in responding to critical biological and chemical situations – from severe, isolated events to significant environmental threats with downstream impact. bioWALL employs patented DiKlor™ oxidant technology, including high-capacity chlorine dioxide generation systems and treatment methods to remediate harmful bacteria, viruses, molds and various chemical contaminants. Utilizing the most powerful broad-spectrum sterilant available, bioWALL delivers effective solutions with important environmental and safety advantages over other technologies. bioWALL solutions kill bacteria, viruses and other biological contaminants in facilities to a “no growth” standard – the most stringent and absolute standard – with no carcinogenic or toxic byproducts. Physical property is kept intact and odors are destroyed.


bioWALL delivers its solutions using a mobile fleet of patented CHEMGEN™ chlorine dioxide GEN8 generation systems — the most advanced, versatile integrated mobile chlorine dioxide systems available.

bioWALL’s systems are the largest-capacity mobile chlorine dioxide systems in the world, with over 10x the production ability of any other mobile systems. Each small-footprint system houses a powerful chlorine dioxide generator, an internal power plant, a full process control laboratory and temperature-controlled chemical housing, with full-automation capability and fully redundant engineering, ensuring no down-time during treatment operations. bioWALL also offers Replenish™ services, providing chlorine dioxide solutions in fixed-installation, custom, and small-scale chlorine dioxide storage units tailored to specific applications.



At the core of the bioWALL solution are patented DiKlor™ chlorine dioxide (ClO2) generation systems and methods, as well as patented treatment processes. ClO2 is a powerful water-soluble gas that destroys harmful and potentially deadly biological and chemical contaminants.

bioWALL’s comprehensive ClO2 technology solutions leverage decades of scientific research coupled with extensive application experience in the field. Continual focus on solving complex problems has led the bioWALL research team to important scientific and technical advancements and recognition as a preeminent microbial biocide technology by the scientific community.

bioWALL decontamination services utilize the only U.S. EPA-registration for a non-carcinogenic sterilant that provides broad-spectrum decontamination with the capability to address the toughest biological contaminants on porous and non-porous surfaces. In particular, DiKlor™ sterilant technology is noted for its ability to:

    DiKlor™ Sterilant Technology

  • Rapidly treat large scale, highly-contaminated structures and bodies of water
  • Treat pathogens including bacteria and viruses without facilitating resistance
  • Degrade naturally without carcinogenic or toxic byproducts


Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a safe and effective broad-spectrum biocide employed across industries for decades. As a selective oxidant, ClO2 is a broad spectrum sterilant, highly effective in remediating a vast array of biological and chemical contaminants, purifying drinking water, destroying mold and mold spores, and sterilizing large spaces, including large scale barns, food processing plants, commercial kitchens, and livestock transportation. Its uses range from the treatment of water and wastewater to sterilization of laboratory and healthcare facilities to the remediation of acute viral or bacterial infection such as HPAI (highly pathogenic avian influenza), Anthrax and Ebola.

  • Kills bacteria, viruses and other biological contaminants to a “no growth” standard – the most stringent and absolute standard
  • Quickly and safely decontaminates large facilities or large volumes of water
  • Leaves NO carcinogenic or toxic byproducts
  • Eliminates dangerous sulfides in deteriorated waste
  • Destroys odors
  • Keeps physical property intact

bioWALL’s powerful protection solutions are utilized by hundreds of municipal and industrial water treatment facilities across the U.S. for controlling bacteria and sulfur compounds.
Applicable across a range of industries, bioWALL’s technology and experts deliver unique and effective solutions to complex problems involving severe biological building contamination, emergency response for biological and chemical incidents, agricultural disease and waste remediation, and deliverable ClO2 solutions for Legionella and waterborne pathogen control.

Conventional biocides are regulated and prohibited for use in addressing contaminated drinking water supplies and aquifers because of their inherent toxicity. Only chlorine dioxide, ozone, ultraviolet light, chloramine and chlorine are allowed for use in the potable water supply. However, ClO2 has marked environmental and human health advantages over alternative methods of disinfection because it does not form dangerous, potentially carcinogenic brominated or chlorinated by-products during the disinfection process.


bioWALL, LLC is a privately-held New York-based bio-protection technology company leveraging over two decades of experience developing and deploying bio-response, hazardous materials sterilization and large-scale remediation. Led by a seasoned management and scientific team with expertise in managing biological, chemical and other environmental issues across an array of industries, bioWALL is well-positioned to partner with governments, corporations and communities to identify and address the distinct risks and threats they face, helping to prepare for, prevent, and efficiently remediate biological and chemical contamination events. bioWALL employs the world’s leading experts in chlorine dioxide and sterilant applications and is proud to reflect this in its technologies, products, and services.

With proven science at its core, bioWALL leverages the protocols and processes developed over two decades by its affiliates, the Sabre Companies and Sabre Intellectual Property Holdings, to ensure our clients are able to prepare for and rapidly address critical high-risk events, and also take concrete steps to prevent future outbreaks. bioWALL holds an exclusive worldwide license allowing it to utilize patented technology and trademarks owned by Sabre Intellectual Property Holdings, LLC (Sabre IP Holdings).

Whether utilized to treat naturally occurring pathogens or to clean industrial and municipal wastewater, pure ClO2, as generated and applied in Sabre DiKlor™ treatment services, is the most powerful broad-spectrum biocide available anywhere.

Setting the standard for effective, efficient and safe large-scale decontamination processes and protocols, bioWALL is proud of its strong relationships and validation from key government agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the National Academy of Science.


Mr. Mason founded the chlorine dioxide panel on the American Chemistry Council in 1988 to develop standards for the chlorine dioxide industry for disinfection of drinking water and food, and for industrial applications. This group developed the data required for chlorine dioxide use as a primary disinfectant for drinking water in the United States and continues to support EPA in the development of regulations and standards for municipal water and wastewater disinfection. He is regarded as a national leading expert in response solutions to complex emergencies related to environmental contamination and human health risk. Further, he is recognized by the EPA, U.S. congressional committees, Department of Homeland Security, and other major parties as a leading authority on chlorine dioxide. Mr. Mason has been the lead technical advisor to governmental agencies and commercial businesses on numerous events, ranging from the US Capitol anthrax attack, to large biopharmaceutical and agribusiness viral contaminations, to biosecurity protocols and on-site evaluation of former Soviet Union weapons facilities.

Mr. Mason also has extensive experience in the oil & gas industry, providing treatment services for almost twenty years. Mr. Mason’s experience in the chemical industry is extensive, with duties including design and operation of chemical manufacturing facilities, health and safety audits, chemical and industrial accident investigation, determination and remediation of gas, liquid, and solid chemical releases, and the development of analytical methods.
Mr. Crowell brings twenty years of experience in venture capital, economic development and C-level financial leadership in the manufacturing, government and health care industries. He joined bioWALL after serving for eight years as the Treasurer of Otsego County's $100 million operations in upstate New York. Prior to that, Mr. Crowell worked for the World Bank's International Finance Corporation, cultivating their portfolio of "social venture capital" investments in Asia. He has also served as a board member and consultant to several Value Based Payment initiatives in the health care field, as well as the Administrator/Director of a 1,200 member self-insured health care plan for eight years.

Mr. Crowell has a BA from Gettysburg College, an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and was a Fulbright Scholar. He continues to serve as a Major in the U.S. Army Reserve's Civil Affairs Command, and prior to that was branch Infantry and is Airborne qualified.
Dr. Gottselig brings over twenty combined years of experience in scientific research and intellectual property law. After earning a Ph.D. from University of Iowa, she conducted research at the Institute of Pharmacology & Toxicology at the University of Zurich and at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Her research was awarded fellowships from the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Gottselig was awarded a Full Tuition Merit Scholarship to study law at New England Law Boston and graduated valedictorian. Before joining bioWALL, she worked at Boston area law firms for clients ranging from start-ups to global pharmaceutical companies, managing intellectual property portfolios relating to a variety of technologies in chemical, energy and life sciences. Dr. Gottselig’s expertise includes intellectual property assessment and management, patent drafting, worldwide patent prosecution, negotiating business transactions, and conducting analyses that inform strategies for R&D, investment, licensing, and commercialization.
Before joining bioWALL, Mr. Massey was in a technology leadership position at Baker Hughes, Inc. during their most recent entry into the chlorine dioxide sector. He was responsible for all aspects of their chlorine dioxide surface water applications. Prior to Baker Hughes, he worked for Ashland Water Technologies, which is a global water treatment service company. Mr. Massey has over 25 years of experience with water treatment in a variety of markets and applications.
Mr. Williams has been with Sabre for 10 years and oversees all engineering and design aspects of bioWALL’s equipment and implementation of technology. He was the Managing Director of Vernagene, a UK-based company specializing in chlorine dioxide, and is now the Managing Director of bioWALL UK. Mr. Williams studied mechanical engineering and has over 25 years experience working exclusively with chlorine dioxide. He has designed the equipment required for infrastructure decontamination with gaseous chlorine dioxide and for the safe application of chlorine dioxide solution in the oilfield for both down hole and fracking operations. Further, Mr. Williams has managed many major infrastructure decontamination projects, including infrastructure contaminated with weaponized biological agents. He has assisted in writing many patents for chlorine dioxide application and has a patent issued in his name.


Hart Senate Office Building

Following the 2001 Anthrax attacks, bioWALL provided 100% cleanup of all impacted locations.


The federal government and private parties recruited bioWALL to remediate all of the structures affected by the 2001 anthrax attacks. The structures ranged in size and complexity, up to the 17-million ft3 Brentwood postal facility. Many of the structures were highly contaminated and all required complete kill on all surfaces within, including carpeting, drywall, air ducts, electronics, furniture, and full file archives. Post-treatment, thousands of wet samples, dry samples and spore strips were tested – the most comprehensive testing on this scale ever administered – and not a single active spore remained after bioWALL’s treatment. bioWALL played a leading role in developing this testing program, which is now the gold standard for efficacy validation and clearance of large structures


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John Mason, bioWALL Chief Technology Officer, interviewed on Fox News on March 23, 2020. John shared his expertise and experience, offering insight after being selected as the government’s choice in the decontamination effort for sensitive events such as the 2001 Anthrax attacks and 2015 HPAI outbreak.


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